Afro Andalusian memories, Gurumbé

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Europe’s southern borders are shielded with barbed wire and fences, but once a trade flourished here that forcibly kidnapped thousands of african men and women into exile and exploitation. Giving voice to its Afro Andalusian memories, Gurumbé leads us to question Spanish identity, reminding us that Africa is woven into its fabric.

Mariano Agudo / Miguel Paredes
Directed by: 
Miguel Ángel Rosales
_Sao Paulo International Film Festival. Prêmio do Público - Melhor Documentário Internacional
_Seminci. Valladolid International Film Week. Competition
_London Africa Film Festival. Official selection
_Festival International du Film de Bruxelles. Documentary competition
_Huelva Latin American Film Festival. Best Andalusian Production Award
_New York African Diaspora International Film Festival
_Nile's Diaspora International Film Festival (Uganda)
_Praha Antropofest International Festiv