Wild Italy: Top Predators

Wild Italy: Top Predators TRAILER

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In the heart of the Mediterranean there is a special world where bears and eagles live free among the vestiges of a distant past. It is a veritable treasure trove of biodiversity that, from the Alps to the islands facing Africa, is home to riches of inestimable value, thousands of species of plants and animals including the continent’s fiercest predators: the heron, the cormorant, the osprey, the roller, the lesser kestrel, the black widow spider, the peregrine falcon or the herring gull. This is Italy: here, a wild heart still beats alongside the art and the history.

1-Wolf track

2-Italian Bears


4-Fishing for survival

5-Mantis. The Queen of the waterless river

6-City strikers

Directed by: 
Francesco Petretti
6 x 52 min