Memory of Ashes

Memory of Ashes (Eng Trailer)

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Memory of Ashes features the heartbreaking testimony of four survivors of the Nazi horror: Eduardo Escot, Alfonso Cañete, José Marfil and Juan Camacho, who represent the voice of thousands of Spanish Republicans who were killed in the extermination camps. The story of these men full of ideals flows through all the great dramas of the 20th Century: misery, fascism, war, deportation, genocide, exile. This documentary also shows the other side of the coin, their relatives, specially women, who remained in the Francoist Spain, thinking that they were missing since the Spanish Civil War. It is amazing that, even today, there are people that find out that their father, uncle or grandfather ended their days as a prisoner in such macabre places of Europe as Mauthausen, Gusen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Neuengamme…

Mariano Agudo
Directed by: 
Eduardo Montero
Spanish (English subtitles)
_Asecan Award 2013