In search of Djehuty. Among Mummies,Tombs and Hieroglyphics


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Exciting story of 13 archaeological digs in Egypt in the footsteps of Djehuty, the overseer of the treasure under Hat-shep-sut, the first female pharaoh. Their faces and names were systematically erased 3,500 years ago to obliterate their memory. Today, an international scientific team restores his memory investigating the necropolis of Dra Abu el-Naga in Luxor. The tomb of Djehuty and his unique version of the Book of the Dead are the starting point for an adventure filled with new characters, valuable finds, astounding discoveries and unusual shots of the work carried out on the site by egyptologists, archaeologists, anthropologists and restorers.

Madrid Scientific Films
Directed by: 
Javier Trueba
55 min.
English, Spanish
_Best Documentary. Jury Prize. XV Archeological International Film Festival of the Bidasoa. 2015. Irún. Spain
_Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico 2015. Rovereto. Italy
_Cinarchea. Kiel 2015. Germany.
_ Icronos - Festival International du Film d'Archéologie de Bordeaux, France
_XVIII Archeological International Film Festival of Belgrade 2016, Serbia.