Eighteam (Trailer)

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A narration of the resurrection of Zambia's national football team after losing 18 players in a plane crash in Gabon in 1993. 18 years later, destiny makes its move: in Gabon, Zambia becomes African Champion for the first time after a long penalty shoot-out. It was written: 18 penalties were scored. 

Directed by: 
Juan Rodriguez-Briso
Spain / Zambia
English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Russian and Portuguese
_Best Documentary African Film Festival 2015. Nigeria
_Gold Award. International Movie Awards 2015. Indonesia
_Best Documentary. African Film Festial 2015. Silicon Valley. USA
_Audience Award. Offside Fest 2015. Barcelona. Spain
_Seminci 2015. Official Selection. Valladolid. Spain
_All Sports LA Film Fest 2016. Official Selection. Los Ángeles.. USA
_International Footbal Film Festival 2015. Official Selection. Berlin. Germany
_AFRIFF 2015. Official Selection.