Superhumans (Trailer)

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They live in the most remote places on the planet. They belong to ancient cultures and have special genetics. Men and women who survive in the most hostile environments on earth. The adventurer Raul Gómez travels to those places to be one of them and to test his body facing that gift that makes them so special. He’s going to discover why they are SUPERHUMANS.

A program to discover ancestral cultures, people who have adapted their bodies to the place where they live, who have special abilities, extreme lifestyles and even genetic modifications that turn them into extraordinary beings.

Raúl Gómez embarks on a journey around the world where he finds communities that live in the midst of rain, drought, deserts, jungles, extreme temperatures...He travels to Bolivia, Indonesia and Ethiopia, among other places, in search of these "superpowers". He will get to know their culture, their techniques, he will live with them and he will face the challenge of becoming one of them, of seeing if he can be a "Superhuman". He will also see how climate change and globalization threaten many of these communities and their ability to adapt.



EP 01 Aimaras Living in Heights: (Bolivia)

EP 02 Bajau Living under water: (South East Asia)

EP03 Dassanech Living under extreme heat (Ethiopia)

EP04 Samis Living in extreme cold (Norway)

EP05 Sabiny Born to run (Uganda)

EP06 Beduinos Living in the desert (Arabic peninsula)



Movistar+/Zanskar Producciones
Directed by: 
Josué Andavert
English, Spanish