Unlearning - Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Unlearning - Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (TRAILER)

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Like every normal family, we both worked 8 hours a day, our little girl was at school until 4 PM and when dinner time came and we could finally get together, we sadly found out that we were simply too tired and we just ended up talking about mortgage and bills or how we would arrange the next... Survival day! ...What would happen if we unlearned our way of living? Unlearning is the journey into the essential started by Lucio, Anna and Gaia through ecovillages, communities and travelling families.

Directed by: 
Lucio Basadonne / Anna Pollio
73' or 52'
Italian / English subtitles
_Fifeq Film Festival. Montreal. Canada.
_Genova Film Festival. Italy.
_BIFF Brasilia International Film Festival. Brasil.
_Marcellino de Baggis Taranto. Italy.
_Versus Film Festival. Italy.
_Terra di Tutti Film Festival. Italy.
_Visioni Italiante Bologna. Italy.