In a foreign land

En Tierra Extraña / In a Foreing Land de Iciar Bollaín (Trailer-HD)

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Gloria is one of the 700,000 Spaniards who have left Spain since the start of the crisis. A teacher without a posting, and a shop assistant in an Edinburgh store for the past two years, Gloria has set up, along with the collective that she herself launched, an action, an event which, with the motto "Neither lost nor silenced" , expresses their frustration and provides visibility and a voice to those who wish to participate, from among the over 20,000 Spaniards in Scotland's capital. They understand now how the Latin American migrants and from other parts of the world felt themselves when they arrived to look for a job in Spain. A documentary directed by the prestigeous film director Iciar Bollaín.

Tormenta Films / Turanga Films / TVE
Directed by: 
Iciar Bollaín
72' or 60'
Spanish with English subtitles
_San Sebastian International Film Festival. 2014. Spain
_Festival du Cinemá de Nantes. 2014. France
_Biografilm Festival. 2014. Bologna. Italy
_New Spanish Cinema 2014. Porland, Chicago, Washington, Houston. EE.UU.