Inhabiting Utopia

Inhabiting Utopia (TRAILER ENG)

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Spanish crisis. 4 million empty homes. Evictions. A cruel triangle and a heterogeneous group led by women of different generations who decide to exercise their right to housing and relocate to an uninhabited building that is not their property: The Corrala Utopia. 688 days and 36 families. No electricity. No water. No fear.

The Corrala Utopía in the international press:

-The Guardian "How the corrala movement is occupying Spain"

-New York Times  "Wave of Evictions Leads to Homeless Crisis in Spain"


Miguel Paredes
Directed by: 
Mariano Agudo
69 min.
Spanish (English subtitles)
_XI Seville European Film Festival. Nov. 2014. Seville. Spain
_Urbanize Film Festival 2015. Viena. Austria