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One fine day Naples wakes up and finds out that it has become Islamic. A camera goes through the city and enters into the lives of ten people who have converted to Islam. The result is “Napolislam”: a documentary with a comic twist that explains why the message of Allah is slowly conquering Europe.

“The documentary that may challenge our idea of Italy today is NapolIslam”  
Roberto Saviano – La Repubblica

“NapolIslam is an unexpected point of view.”
Gualtiero Gualtieri – Il Sole 24 Ore

Lorenzo Cioffi -Ladoc-
Directed by: 
Ernesto Pagano
75min. or 55 min.
Italian (English Subtitles)
_IDFA Official Selection 2015. Amsterdam. The Netherlands
_Biografilm Festival - Italian Award. Bologna. Italy
_Molise Cinema - Premio Italia. Casacalenda. Italy.
_San Diego Italian Film Festival. San Diego. United States
_One World Romania. International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. Bucharest. Romania)
_Tertiomillennio Film Fest 2015. Rome. Italy
_Modena viaemili@docfest 2015. Modena. Italy
_Italia in Doc 2015. Bruxelles. Belgium.
_Les Journèe Cinématographique de Carthage 2015. Tunis. Tunisia.
_FuoriRaccordo Film Fest 2015. Rome. Italy.