Portraits of a Search

Retratos de una Búsqueda / Portraits of a Search

“One of the most powerful documentaries about the human casualties of the Mexican drug wars”: Heather Haynes, from HotDocs.

The Mexican narco-war, thousands of mothers search for their missing sons and daughters. In Portraits of a Search, the stories of Natividad, Guadalupe and Margarita intertwine to convey the different forms of confronting the search and uncertainty: one turns to the FBI, another obtains the Nation’s president’s personal promise, and the other tries to return to her routines so as to save her grandson. A portrait of Mexico today.

Karla Uribe
Directed by: 
Alicia Calderón
74' or 53'
English / Spanish
_Best Documentary. International Film Festival of Monterrey 2015. México.
_Hot Docs 2015. Toronto. Canada.
_Sheffield Doc Fest 2015. UK.
_Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015. Grecia.
_American Documentary Film Festival 2015. USA
_Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos 2015. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
_Best Mexican Documentary. Diosa de Plata 2015. PECIME (Mexican Film Critics Association).