Ancestral Secrets (Ep 01: Sowing a Dream)

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In the Peruvian Andes Mountains, 5000 meters above sea level live the Q’eros: the last Inca people. Adrián Huamán, a young messenger, makes a pilgrimage with 40,000 indigenous people from different nations to the Qollyur Riti Festival, where they venerate one of its most sacred mountains: the Qoyllur Riti Glacier. It is the source of water and life that nourishes the entire flora and fauna of the Andes and that is in danger of disappearing. In this celebration they dance day and night thanks to coca, their main medicine. Adrián will reach the top of the mountain range to sow a dream: that humanity protects nature.

La Ventana Cine
Directed by: 
Jota Loyola Crovetto
Chile / Colombia
6x52' or 12x26'
Spanish / (English Subtitles)