Invisible Mothers

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Having sex outside the matrimony is illegal in Morocco. Invisible Mothers shows a new perspective of women in a muslim country and their struggle against prejudices and rejection. Hafida is a single mother in Tangier. She run away from home when got pregnant. Some years later she has become a sexual health educator and go back to her city, El Jadida, with her son. The family men reject them. Sex outside marriage is a crime in Morocco. The article 490 of the Morocco Penal Code states that sexual relationships outside of matrimony are forbidden. The law stigmatizes single mothers as whores and their children as bastards. They are the carriers of the deepest taboos of the Moroccan society. 


Directed by: 
Lorenzo Benítez
67 or 48 min. (Voice over TV version)
English / Arab (Dariya) / Spanish / German
_DOCUMENTAMADRID 2016. Panorama. Competitive Section. Premiere in Spain.
_Sevilla European Film Festival 2016.
_Beirut International Film Festival 2016.
_Cádiz Documentary Film Festival 2016. Opening screening.
_Cartagena International Film Festival 2016.
_Tarifa African Film Festival 2016.
_AMAL International Euro Arab Film Festival 2016.