About Us

We distribute content to TV channels, internet platforms and online video rental outlets worldwide interested in developing their viewers' loyalty and surprising them every day.

We are viewers. We are journalists and professionals of the audiovisual sector. We want to show the work that excites us, that makes us think and feel, to a wide audience. We only sell what we believe in and we enjoy an activity in which we put all our effort and passion.

We are international distributors and producers who support unique films and documentaries. We commit ourselves to our filmmakers and to the channels and platforms that buy their creations. We have experience on both sides and thus know what each part demands.

Like the directors who believe in us, we ask ourselves questions and search for answers that are supposed to appear on each and every screen. We care about content. About stories and how they are told. We believe in the audiovisual as a language without borders. Transmedial narrative as a multiple platform to combine artistic expressions and to gain new audiences who are willing to interact. We search talent and sensitivity without taking our feet off the ground.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the markets we usually visit: Natpe, Miptv, Mipdoc, Sunny Side of the Doc, DocMontevideo, Mipcom, Medimed, DokLeipzig, Miradasdoc, In-Edit, Idfa...


Juan Valentín Romero

Curiosity towards current events and history. Seeing, feeling, listening and telling stories. Juan Valentín has lived in Spain, France and Germany, three countries in which he has worked enquiring, asking himself questions and searching for answers in order to understand international relations, economy and culture. He launched and shaped the programme department for the regional public TV station in Extremadura and developed all kinds of formats, not only sitcoms or game shows, but also magazines or music programmes. His interest in reality led him to direct “Esfera”, a weekly documentary and feature programme broadcasted during Canal Extremadura TV's prime time. He has also worked at EuroNews, at the international department of Radio Nacional de España and at the film programme “El 7° Vicio”. In the past fifteen years, he has been in the jury and has participated at numerous documentary, film and music festivals. Travelling to experience, learn, listen and communicate is one of the activites he most enjoys to spend his time with. He brings his experience in international markets to developing formats, programmes and documentaries.


Lorenzo Benítez

Responsible for content and project development. He lives between Cádiz (Spain) and America. His activity is focused on the selection of series and unitary documentaries and is especially present in the American markets. In the last twelve years, he has been an investigator, co-writer and assistant to directors and producers in documentaries for Arte, ZDF, TVE, Al Jazeera and Canal Sur TV. His first full-length film, Invisible Mothers (2016), deals with the rejection towards single mothers and the abandonment of children in Morocco. At the same time, he is in charge of advising producers and directors from the conception of the project until its final distribution. A traveler and music lover, he supports documentary film and television documentaries. For the big screen and the smaller ones. Each window has its audience, and our mission is to search for it.