Children of the Stars (Season 3)

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New episodes of this fascinating journey through Latin America, chasing after the mysteries and wonders that the Universe hides. 

(Previous seasons acquired, among others, by NatGeo, Curiosity, Science et Vie, UR, RSI, Smithsonian...)

Ricardo García, driven by his passion for the sky and the stars, travels to the most incredible places in search of answers to his questions. He explores huge caverns that can simulate future habitats on Mars, he dives into the sea to train like the astronauts who go to space, he explores Antarctica to investigate the future of our planet, he travels the Amazon in search of the ancestral knowledge of native peoples, and he visits the largest telescopes that look out into the cosmos. An exciting journey that shows the human connection with the universe.

Directed by: 
Gonzalo Argandoña
Chile / Colombia
4K / UHD
Spanish / English Subtitles