Extremadura. A Natural Paradise in Europe


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Europe has a unique region. A paradise of biodiversity beyond compare on the continent owing to the incredible mosaic of different habitats and ecosystems it offers. The region of western Europe with the highest percentage of areas of ornithological interest.

A space with a third of its territory protected. Where unique threatened species such as the Spanish lynx, the black vulture, the black stork, and the Spanish imperial eagle find a splendid refuge where they can continue to fight for survival. Where we find the largest expanse in the world of an extraordinary ecosystem which supports the fighting bull and the Iberian pig: the dehesa. Where it is possible to observe anything from the triops, a prodigious survivor which has been on the planet for 220 million years, to the mysterious black-shouldered kite or the great bustard, the heaviest flying bird in the world with an amazing courtship display. Extremadura is a living land. Extremadura is a natural paradise in Europe.

Directed by: 
Carlos Perez
52' or 87' or 2x45'
English, Spanish
_GOLD AWARD WINNER Wildlife and Conservation. International Tourism Film Festival Africa. South Africa 2024
_Best Of Festival. Nature Without Borders International Film Festival. USA 2022
_Winner Best Film Wildlife Virgin Spring Cinefest. INDIA 2022
_Winner Best Film On Nature World Film Carnival Singapore. SINGAPORE 2022
_Best Nature Film XXII International Air Film festival. SPAIN 2022
_Quarterly Winner Cosmic Film Festival USA 2022
_Finalist Ventotene Film Festival. ITALY 2022
_Official Selection XXXVI Edition Sondrio Festival 2022 – International Documentary Film Festival. ITALY 2022
_Official Selection Matsali Nature Film Festival. ESTONIA 2022
_Official Selection Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam. THE NETHERLANDS 2022
_Official Selection Festival International du Film Ornithologique. FRANCE 2022
_Official Selection Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano. ITALY 2022
_Official Selection Wildlife Vaasa Festival-International Nature Film Festival. FINLAND 2022
_Official Selection Wildlife Conservation Film Festival New York. USA 2022
_Neo Spanish Screenings Festival de Málaga. SPAIN 2022