Isleños, a Root of America

Isleños, a root of América -TRAILER

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The search of this people's identity makes Isleños, a root of America a piece of Universal History and has become a key question in the US today. A travel in time throughout North American History, dealing with a community unknown by general public, with significant and unique influence on politics, arts, war conflicts and the American society. 

La Gaveta Producciones
Directed by: 
Eduardo Cubillo
Spanish / English
_iHOLLY 2017, Hollywood, USA. Best Documentary
_HIIDA 2017, Hollywood, USA. Best Documentary
_ LAMA 2017, Los Angeles, USA. Best Documentary
_ FICLAPAZ 2017, La Paz, Bolivia. Best Documentary
_ANGELES DOC 2017, Los Angeles, USA. Finalist
_ NOFF 2017, New Orleans, USA. Official Selection
_TMFF 2017, Glasgow, UK. Official Selection
_Festival Internacional de Cine del Mar Caribe 2017, Margarita, Venezuela. Official Selection
_NNF 2017, Afula, Israel. Official Selection
_CIFF 2017, Camden, Nova Scotia, Canada. Official Selection
_LAFIC 2017, Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Official Selection
_FICOCC 2017, Lechería, Anzoategui, Venezuela. Official Selection
_KAYCHE 2017, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Official Selection
_FICMEC 2017, Nador, Morocco. Official Selection
_INSULARIA 2017, Tenerife, Spain. Official Selection
_FIC GALDAR 2017, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Official Selection
_Miradasdoc International Documentary Festival 2017, Tenerife, Spain. Official Selection