Investigating War Crimes in Ukraine

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This documentary follows some of the investigators trying to shed light on the 16,000 alleged war crimes that have been filed so far by the Ukrainian authorities since the outset of the war. The horror images have been seen the world over. But now is the time to provide evidence to document the use of prohibited cluster bombs, to source the videos showing civilians getting shot dead without warning or to collect rape testimonies. These are some of the challenges faced by the investigators from the Ukrainian public prosecutor's office or NGOs such as Amnesty International or Open-Facto. Open-Facto is also trying to clarify, if all crimes that are attributed to Russia were actually committed by this country or by Ukranian forces.

From the hushed offices to the battlefield where the survivors have yet to mourn their loved ones, the investigators seek to establish the truth before all evidence is wiped away, and to ensure justice is done.

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English Subtitles, French Dub (Original Version French/Ukrainian/English)