Rivers of Croatia

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Everybody is familiar with the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Pristine waters and rocky beaches with ancient towns made of stone. The sea however is only one of Croatias jewels. The rivers are its biggest gems; these are places of true wilderness and a last refuge to many of Europes dwindling natural species.

The rivers of Croatia are unique within Europe, as their ecosystems provide a stability to the processes of nature. However, the wildlife diversity is threatened as human activity encroaches on their fragile wilderness. This film follows the meandering lowland rivers which drain into the vast floodplains, photographs the mighty cascading waterfalls and frames the picturesque warm, limestone springs and fertile landscape of the Karlovac region. Our camera flies across the interior valleys or ‘Karst Polje’ which form shallow basins for the annual rainfall that swell the underground waterways to resurface as gentle rivers and streams many kilometres away.We also see majestic Adriatic rivers flow to meet the sea, through the fast moving estuaries of the great Zrmanja canyon or through the mighty Neretva delta.


Safarek Production
Directed by: 
Goran Safarek