The Libyan Abyss

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Since the revolution in Libya that ended the regime and the life of the dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, the African country has been plunged into instability, chaos and conflict, with three civil wars leading to the abyss. In this context, many of the thousands of migrants and refugees who, after an odyssey in which not a few lose their lives, arrive in Libya, end up suffering mistreatment, torture, rape, slavery or kidnapping by the traffickers themselves, the militias. Or by the guards of the detention centers.

“The Lybian Abyss” visits the African country to analyze the situation of migrants and refugees and that of Libyans themselves, who suffer the consequences of successive armed conflicts with several hundred thousand internally displaced persons, problems in the provision of basic services like electricity, worsening health and possible war crimes.

Directed by: 
Pilar Requena
Spain / Libya
Spanish / English Subtitles