The Colour of the Chameleon

El Color Del Camaleon - Trailer - English subtitled-HD

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During the Pinochet dictatorship, Jorge becomes an instrument for the Chilean secret services, who force him to work for them in an extreme violent way. He is able to escape from Chile to Berlin, where the Stasi mistakes him for a Pinochet secret agent. Later he becomes a war cameraman based in Belgium. Today, his son Andrés takes him back to the places of his unfinished past.

Off World / Blume Producciones / Mollywood / VRT Canvas / RTBF
Directed by: 
Andres Lübbert
Belgium / Chile
87min. or 52min.
Spanish / English / French / Dutch
_Dok.Fest München 2017. Jury Special Mention. Germany
_Guadalajara International Film Festival 2017
_Docville 2017. Belgium
_Millenium International Documentary Film Festival. Belgium
_Sofia International Film Festival 2017. Bulgaria
_EDOC Quito. Ecuador
_Cineteca de Madrid. Spain
_FIDBA Festival de Cine Documental de Buenos Aires. Argentina
_Festival de Lima. Peru
_Festival de cine Derechos Humanos de Bolivia
_MARFICI Mar del Plata. Argentina
_Santiago Festival Internacional de Cine. Chile
_Festival International du Film Nancy. France
_Festival de Cine de Viña del Mar. Chile
_Golden Tree Documentary Festival. Germany
_Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de Biarritz. France
_DokuBaku International Documentary Festival. Azerbaijan
_DocumentaQro 2017. México