Mamody. The Last Baobab Digger

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In the southwest of Madagascar, the Mahafaly plateau is an extremely arid land. Here, the rains fall only a few times a year. In these very difficult living conditions, the inhabitants of the small village of Ampotaka found a unique solution to store water.

Directed by: 
Cyrille Cornu
Madagaskar / France
English, French
_GOLD AWARD. Doc and TV Culture and Heritage Festival, Cape Town, South Africa 2023.
_Best Africa Feature Film.13th Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. New York, USA 2022.
_ Special Jury Award. Uluslararası Altın Safran Belgesel Film Festivali. Safranbolu, Turkey 2022.
_Best Film of the Festival. 5th Festival Sud de Sciences, Montpellier, France 2022.
_Honorable Mention. 10th Wildlife Vaasa Festival-International Nature Film Festival. Vaasa, Finland 2022.
_Best Ecological Film & Best Documentary Production. 14th Silafest - Silverlake Tourfilm Festival. Veliko Gradište Serbia, 2022.
_Best Feature Film. 5th Terres Festival, Amposta, Spain 2022.
_Best Film of the Festival. 11th International Green Culture Festival - Green Fest. Belgrade, Serbia 2022.