El Palmar de Troya. The Great Lie (Ep4 - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing)

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The new Pope, Peter II dedicates himself to avoiding an economic decline that threatens to undermine the foundations of what they have built. As the years of Peter II’s papacy come to an end with his death, Ginés Jesús Hernández, a paratrooper from Murcia, is the new Supreme Pontiff. Due to his peculiar behavior, dissenting voices begin to appear that end up being expelled from the order and it is precisely this new schism of the Palmarians that unites the Pope with a nun, Nieves Triviño. Months later, the couple run off in the Popemobile. And they have now decided to speak with us.

Movistar+, 93METROS and 100Balas
Directed by: 
Israel del Santo
4K / HD
English Dub / English Subt / or Original Spanish available