Quilapayún. Beyond the Song

Quilapayún. Beyond the Song (TRAILER)

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In Chile during the ’60s, Quilapayún played the soundtrack of the revolution. With clenched fists raised high, thousands sung their songs. But the world changed and so did they. Fallen dreams, death and disappointment, were not enough to abandon the music. They are eleven musicians that live in Chile and France; today they believe that the revolution changed. But that it hasn’t finished.

Directed by: 
Jorge Leiva
73' or 52'
Spanish (English and French subtitles available)
_Best National Documentary. IN-EDIT film festival 2015. Chile
_Best National Documentary. Festival Internacional de Cine de Iquique - FICIQQ8 2016. Chile.
_Festival de Cine Latino Toulouse 2016. France.
_See You Sound, International Music Film Festival 2016, Italy.
_MARFICI 2016, Argentina.
_Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay 2016
_Jecheon international music & film festival 2016, Korea. Official Selection.
_Festival Latino de Rotterdam, 2016. Netherlands. Opening Film.
_Festival Internacional de Cine de Santiago - SANFIC 11, 2015. Chile.
_Festival de Documentales de Chiloé - FEDOCHI, 2015. Chile.