Moldova. A Portrait of Uncertainty

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What will the world map look like as a result of Russia's war against Ukraine? Can Moldova be the next target of Putin's New Russia?

Today, Moldova is home to the largest number of refugees per capita in Europe, but tomorrow it may be the next country invaded by Russia. The country is divided between pro-Europeans and pro-Russians. This dichotomy generates uncertainty to a part of the Moldovan population now that the war is literally so close. As with the Donbass in Ukraine, within the Moldovan territory there is a de facto pro-Russian state with a high percentage of the population with a strong Soviet sentiment: Transnistria.

The peculiarity of this country would facilitate a Russian occupation. Transnistria has more than 1,500 Russian troops on its borders. This is a portrait of a country that sees its economic and borderline fragility flatten Putin's Russification. Moldova is one of the poorest and most unknown countries in Europe.

La Kaseta Ideas Factory
Directed by: 
David Fontseca