Restless (TRAILER)

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A young man from a poor neighborhood in Brazil was arrested by the military police and never seen again. Assisted by the local newspaper, his dad conducted an investigation that led to the indictment of several policemen. The Brazilian police is the most violent in the world with more than six thousand homicides every year, a situation in which president Bolsonaro advocates the right of police officers and civilians to shoot supposed offenders without fear of prosecution. This documentary weaves the investigation of Geovane's murder with a debate about the historic and social roots of police brutality.

Santa Luzia
Directed by: 
Bernard Attal
78', 52'
Portuguese, English/French/Spanish subtitles
_Impact Docs Award of Excellence Special Mention
_Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2019. Greece
_Panorama Internacional de Cinema Brazil
_Best Feature Documentary. Black International Film Festival of Montreal. Canada
_Agenda Brasil. Italy
_Official Selection. Saint Louis International Film Festival
_Official Selection. Festival Internacional de Santa Cruz. Bolivia
_Official Selection. Atlantidoc. Uruguay
_Official Selection. Festival de Cine de La Habana. Cuba
_Official Selection. Festival Internacional de Rio de Janeiro. Brasil