Ep. 3 Ravine. The Grand Canyon of Italy

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Like wrinkles on an old face, ravines mark the calcareous plateaus in the very south of Italy, connecting the arid lands of Lucania and Puglia to the blue sea of Magna Grecia. These rugged canyons are carved out of the water from rocks dating back to the time of the dinosaurs.

However, while the dinosaurs became extinct, these ravines remained, with their plants and animals, which are unique in the world and immeasurably valuable. This episode describes the intimate life at the nest of a pair of endangered Red Kite, a pack of wolves now inhabiting the ravine, the otter fishing in the Bradano river and many species of amphibians endemic to Italy.

Species: Otter, Red kite, Fire bellied toad, Insects, Porcupine, Wolf

Directed by: 
Francesco Petretti