From the Sky

From the Sky Trailer

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A pioneering initiative in Europe. Twenty-two villages and cities in southwestern Spain, have Special Bird Protection Zones because of the importance of the species living between the walls of their churches, palaces and streets. 

1080 Líneas producciones
Directed by: 
Carlos Pérez
English / Spanish / German
_Best Wildlife Documentary. Skyfilmfestival 2016. Girona. Spain.
_Best Nature in flight Documentary. International air film festival El Yelmo 2016 . Jaén. Spain.
_Best Feature Film Director. Kolkata International Wildlife & Environmental Film Festival 2016. India
_Green Me Global Festival 2016. Finalist. Berlin
_Doñana International Film Festival 2016. Official Selection. Spain.
_II Festival del Cernícalo Primilla 2016. Trujillo. Spain.
_Womad 2016 Cáceres. Spain.
_Festival de las Aves de la Roca de la Sierra. Spain.