Twilight of the Hooded Grebe

Twilight of the Hooded Grebe (TRAILER)

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The Hooded Grebe is a critical endangered specie. The fact that make them unique is they were only recently discovered some decades ago by Mauricio Rumboll. Mr. Rumboll returns to the Hooded Grebe's territory and finds out they are close to their total eradication. A number of foreign species artificial introduced in the area are threatening the Hooded Grebe. In the area, a group of young researchers and naturalists do everything possible to preserve and study the few birds that still remain in the harsh plateau (Patagonia, Argentina). There is hope, the creation of a protected area.

Juan María Raggio
Directed by: 
Marcelo Viñas
33 min.
English / Spanish
_Best Documentary. TeleNatura 2013. University of Navarra. Pamplona, Spain.
_RojasFest 4. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
_Naturman 2013. International Nature Film Festival. El Hierro, Spain.
_Festival Internacional de Cine Científico y Ambiental de Doñana. Spain.
_Cinextur 2013. Certamen Internacional de Cine de Turismo de Naturaleza. Extremadura. Spain.