Made in BY

Made in BY

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Made in BY looks into Europe's last dictatorship and show brightly how young people are dealing to be creative in such an oppressive society. Discovering public and private lives of incredibly talented guys, this documentary tests how much the political system influences the cultural life and how high are the limits of freedom of expression. How can creativity survive in a hierarchical regime? How can anti-conformism deal with soviet-style dictatorship? Is it possible to be independent in a country where the state controls 90% of the economy?

Lukashenko has been the President since 1994, but new elections will take place in October 2015. Made in BY looks into Europe's last dictatorship focusing on art as the access key to enter the belarusian society. The struggle for freedom of expression in Europe's last dictatorship.


Five Service
Directed by: 
Luigi Milardi
_One World Film Festival 2015. Prague. Check Republic
_Roma CinemaDoc 2015. Italy
_Festival del Documentario d'Abruzzo 2015. Pescara. Italy
_Dotyk Festival 2015. Minsk. Belarus