Out of Darkness. Cities after War

Out of Darkness. Cities after War (TRAILER)

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Kigali, Sarajevo, Beirut, Medellín. Out of Darkness maps out the soul of four cities whose names conjure the idea of destruction and pain. The challenge is to overcome the past and to look ahead with renewed hope. Political leaders have no role to play in this film. The characters are citizens with a common denominator: all of them have an important role in various activities favouring a spirit of peace, tolerance and reconciliation.

Whats up Doc / TVE / TV3 / Señal Colombia
Directed by: 
Francesc Relea
Spain / Colombia
52 or 90
English / Spanish
_Best TV Documentary. 34 India Catalina Colombian Industry Awards 2018
_61 Seminci. Doc Spain Selection
_Sarajevo Film Festival 2017