Maraton Man (Ep3: Japan)

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Japan is one of the world's running cradles: each year 580,000 Japanese finish a marathon. Long distance races are a veritable religion in the Land of the Rising Sun. "Maraton Man" travels to Sapporo to run the Hokkaido marathon, where he meets two grandparents who will steal his heart: Mr Koraro and Mrs. Noto. He, at 78, runs all the marathons he can and she, at 65, has become a specialist in mountain "ultra trails", running for 30 hours non-stop.

Movistar + in collaboration with Zanskar Producciones
Directed by: 
David Moncasi
5 Seasons: 6 x 48' / 9 x 48' / 12 x 48' / 12 x 48' / 6 x 48'
Spanish / English / French / German / Korean