Fly the World EP3 (Asia)

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EP3: The Swiss adventurer Xavier Rosset continues his journey into Malaysia. On Tioman island he discovers turtle and coral protection initiatives. He participates in cleaning the island from a never-ending plastic pollution. The island of Java offers beautiful temples and is also host to many volcanoes among which the Ijen and its famous sulfur miners. 

A never seen before journey around the globe onboard a tiny ultralight. Xavier Rosset, a Swiss adventurer, invites us to embark on a trip in search of enlightening encounters in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. His goal is to discover our planet with an open spirit, keep our childhood excitement of the discovery and teach us to embrace whatever life brings our way. Fly the World helps us to stay amazed by the beauty of our planet and the perseverance of those who tend to make it a better place to live.

Xavier Rosset
Directed by: 
Peter Charaf
French / English Subtitles