Maraton Man (Ep3: Israel)

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Jerusalem, a sacred city for Muslims, Jews and Catholics organizes a giant marathon for more than 30.000 runners, and Maraton Man doesn't want to miss out. A fascinating and complex city that Raúl will discover with some of its athletes. Maraton Man wants to know how people live in a country in a constant state of alert. He also travels to the desert to meet Shaul Ladany, an 80-year -old former olympic athlete and Holocaust survivor who will be his mentor in facing a new challenge: racewalking through the desert.

Movistar + in collaboration with Zanskar Producciones
Directed by: 
David Moncasi
5 Seasons: 6 x 48' / 9 x 48' / 12 x 48' / 12 x 48' / 6 x 48'
Spanish / English / French / German / Korean