Maraton Man (Ep9: Cuba)

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"Maraton Man" finishes the season facing a very special marathon in a country that is going through a tremendous and historical transformation. Cuba awakens to the "running" fever and, for the first time, North American runners will be able to travel to Havana to participate in a physical test with a spectacular route.
Colour, light and “fiestas” for the last marathon of the season where we will meet some of the best Cuban athletes in history like Javier Sotomayor and Ana Fidelia Quirot.

Movistar + in collaboration with Zanskar Producciones
Directed by: 
David Moncasi
5 Seasons: 6 x 48' / 9 x 48' / 12 x 48' / 12 x 48' / 6 x 48'
Spanish / English / French / German / Korean