Video Game Abuse is a Health Hazard

Video Games (STILL)

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How to limit the negative impact of ultra-violent video games on teens? First-person shooter games whose only goal is to annihilate others are ever more realistic and immersive. They have now become the leading new addictions treated in rehabilitation centers. Mike is one of those 10% of European teenagers who have a problem with violent games. Scientific studies are clear: if these games do not turn players into killers, they clearly increase aggressiveness and diminish empathy. This investigation looks back on the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy, where twenty very young children and six adults from a primary school were shot by a 20-year-old man addicted to video games. What lessons can be learned from this tragedy that shocked America? How can teens be protected from extreme violence? This report shot in Switzerland and the United States opens up the debate without taboos.

Directed by: 
Xavier Nicol
52 min
French, English subtitles