Methuselah. Becoming a Super-Ager

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What happens to us when we start to get old?
Dr. Pere Solés, a fifty-year-old, gray-haired doctor and film director, realizes that he is getting old. Concerned about the symptoms of aging that he begins to suffer, he begins to search for ways to slow down old age and live a full and vivacious life (until the end). With a comical and ironic approach, we follow Dr. Solés on his journey while he talks to nonagenarians who still climb, world-renowned scientific researchers, and shamans who seem to have a magical solution. In short, "Methusalem" is a very serious documentary-comedy about how to stop aging.

DDM Visual & Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals
Directed by: 
Pere Solés Bahí
Spanish / English Subtitles / Spanish Subtitles