Ep3: Four Seasons In A Day

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Every day, the Carlingford ferry takes people across the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, at a time when the debate on Brexit is dominant. Staying or leaving, both options raise equally big questions about the future. A short journey across the vast sea brings different thoughts and reflections to the surface, while the border remains hidden in the sea. The film creates a kaleidoscopic narrative based on how people’s daily lives and thoughts relate to this imaginary line. How visible would this border eventually become?

Four Seasons in a Day is part of Borderline, a collection of 6 documentary films, made by talented European filmmakers. Each film focuses on a prominent and characteristic border that surrounds or divides the European continent.

off World
Directed by: 
Annabel Verbeke
Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovenia
77' or 54'
English Subtitles
_Hot Docs 2021. Winner International Emerging Filmmaker Award. World Premiere
_SaratovSufferings International Film Festival 2021. Special mention of the Jury. Russia