130 Children

130 Hermanos/130 Children_Trailer_engsub

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"130 Children" is the portrait of an exceptional family composed by Melba (65) and Víctor (70). A Costa Rican couple of humble origin parents of 6 biological children and more than 130 adopted ones in the last 40 years.

The film begins by showing the awakening and morning dynamics of a family of more than 40 people until some of them get ready to go to school, others to university and a few stay at home. Once everyone leaves, the house becomes "quiet". We discover how this great family lives, how it is possible to sustain the needs of more than forty children, what are the past stories and what the present quarrels that arise in this great family.

Mimbre Films & Kumelén Foundation
Directed by: 
Ainara Aparici
Costa Rica
52' or 74'
Spanish / (English Subtitles)