Doomed in Gaza

Trailer: Doomed in Gaza (with English Subtitles)

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Due to the blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza, women suffering from cancer aren't able to receive the necessary treatment they need to survive and also have to deal with being stigmatized within Palestinian society.

“Doomed in Gaza” puts a name and a face to the isolation and the lack of freedom of movement suffered by these women. Women that are not receiving a timely diagnosis, treatment, or the opportunity to recover because they need an Israeli permit to leave Gaza and access Palestinian hospitals in the West Bank or East Jerusalem, where the treatment they need is available.

In addition to not having access to treatment, they are discriminated against, despised, and stigmatized within their conservative and patriarchal society. In Gaza, a woman suffering from cancer may be abandoned by her husband, suffer from her family's abandonment too, or lose her job.

Beatriz Lecumberri Garcia
Directed by: 
Beatriz Lecumberri Garcia, Ana Alba Garcia