One Girl

One Girl (TRAILER)

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We follow for one day four young girls each living in a different country but awoken by the same dawn in the same time-zone: South Sudan, Romania, Palestine, Finland. They are so different from one another and yet so similar in their behaviors, intentions, desires and dreams.

Rosa Russo, Debra Wootton
Directed by: 
Rosa Russo
Great Britain
52', 64'
English, Arabic, Romanian, Finnish, Juba Arabic, English subtitles
_MovieScreenPro Film Festival - BEST FAMILY DOCUMENTARY 2019
_R2R Vancouver Children Festival - Canada 2019
_Leeds Young Film Festival - UK 2019
_Annual CPH Film Festival - Denmark 2019. Nominated as Best Documentary
_International Children’s Rights Film Festival - Turkey 2019
_Coastline Children’s Film Festival - USA 2019
_The Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival - South Korea 2019
_Portland Kids Film Festival - USA 2019
_Reel2Real International Film Festival for Youth - Canada 2019. Nominated for Best Film and Edith Lando Peace Prize
_Women of Wonder Film Fest - USA 2019
_International Documentary Film Festival RushDoc - USA 2019
_Festival International _Filmes des Femmes - France 2019. Nominated for Le Grand Mirage
_Trento Film Festival, TFF Kids Section - Italy 2019
_The Impact DOC Awards - USA 2019. Nominated  for Best Documentary
_Children's Film Festival Seattle - USA 2019
_Kids First! - USA 2018
_Guangzhou International Documentary Festival - China 2018. Semifinalist for Golden Kapok Award
_Filmmakers International Film Festival of World Cinema - Italy 2018. Winner Best Educational Film. Nominated for Best Documentary and Best Documentary Director
_Karelian Intl Film Festival of Youth - Russian Federation 2018
_Oulu International Children and Youth Festival - Finnish Competition - Finland 2018
_Astra International Film Festival - Astra Junior - Romania 2018