Island of the Hippos

Island of the Hippos (TRAILER)

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They are unique animals. On the beaches of the Bissagos Islands, off the coast of Guinea Bissau, in the Atlantic, we can find strange footprints. They seem to be misplaced since they are made by the hippopotamus, an animal that otherwise lives in freshwater. But these are different ones. This is a population of hippos that lives in coastal waters and is the most western one in the range of this species, related to cetaceans.

This documentary explores the life within this hippo colony, where dominating males are strongly gregarious and attack any intruder who might enter their territory. We will follow their incursions into neighboring areas or into the sea and witness their perfect adaptation to this environment, where females are said to give birth for safety reasons. At the same time, we will get to know their environment and the animals with whom they share this little-known place in West Africa.

Directed by: 
Carlos Pérez
4k or HD
_Winner OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE Docs Without Borders Film Festival (USA) 2021
_WINNER Best Africa Film, Wildlife Conservation Film Festival New York USA 2020
_Wildlife Conservation Film Festival New York USA 2020. Best Wildlife Documentary shot in Africa
_Natourale Film Festival 2020. Honorable mention by the Jury. Wiesbaden, Germany
_International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE RUSSIA 2020 Official Selection
_Matsalu Nature Film Festival ESTONIA 2020 Official Selection
_S.O.F.A. (Shout Out For Animals) Film Festival CYPRUS 2020 Official Selection
_36th Festival International du Film Ornithologique de Menigoute FRANCE 2020 Official Selection
_Finalist BICC 2020-2021 , SPAIN 2021
_Official Selection International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő (HUNGARY) 2021
_Censurados Film Festival (Lima,Perú) Competencia InternacionalOfficial Selection INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FILM FESTIVAL AFRICA (SOUTH AFRICA) 2021
_Official Selection Matsalu Nature Film Festival ESTONIA 2020