Superhumans (EP4 - Samis. Living in extreme Cold)

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They live in the most remote places on the planet. They belong to ancient cultures and have special genetics. Men and women who survive in the most hostile environments on earth. The adventurer Raul Gómez travels to those places to be one of them and to test his body facing that gift that makes them so special. He’s going to discover why they are SUPERHUMANS.

EP 4:

Raúl will travel to the Artic Circle top meet the Samis, a community that has survived in extremely cold temperaturas for centuries. He will join three generations of reindeer herders. The Samis are the only indigenous people left on the European continent. They maintain a unique relationship with nature and a strong connection to their animals, who they remain linked to their entire lives. Nils Peder’s family will share all their secrets with Raúl on how to survive in the Artic tundra, where herders spend days at a time watching over their herds, no matter how hard conditions may get.

Movistar+/Zanskar Producciones
Directed by: 
Josué Andavert
English Subtitles, Spanish