Battle of Social Networks


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Currently 5 billion people own a mobile phone. More than half of them are smartphones. Millions of texts, images and videos circulate daily through social networks worldwide, from dictatorships to the most consolidated democracies. A perfect weapon for social organization in which it is difficult to distinguish between real and false content. The battle to take control of the truth has begun. This documentary analyzes the unauthorized Catalan independence referendum and its reach in mass media as an example. Are social networks a threat to democracy and our electoral systems? Are they the new mass media? States start to fear Freedom of Speech. Freedom which has facilitated the spread of “fake news” jeopardizing global stability. It has been predicted that by 2022, this will constitute half of online content. How can important mainstream media avoid falling for fake news? How do people manage fake news? Do they detect them? Do they spread them?

La Kaseta
Directed by: 
David Fontseca
4K / HD