Those of M'Sallah

Those of M'Sallah (English Trailer)

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The district of M’Sallah used to be the symbol of hard drugs in Tangier (Morocco). Today it has transformed, through a progressive approach to the fight against drug use that includes a needle exchange program, social support, methadone prescription, etc.  The zone is almost an open-air laboratory, to show the implementation of strategies to stem the spread and resurgence of drug use. That happens for the first time in North Africa and Middle East.

Freed from their addiction, Those of M’Sallah are the living examples that life exists after heroin. By showcasing particular portraits, neighborhood relationships, and by observing therapeutic practices, the documentary develops the complex picture of a health experiment. Those of M’Sallah aims to be both a compelling social drama, a reflection on addiction, and a reflection on the mobilization of Morocco’s civil society.

BabElleProd – Maud Ninauve & Fouzia R'miki
Directed by: 
François-Olivier Louail
Arab and French (English subtitles)