The Waltz - El Vals de los Inútiles

The Waltz / El Vals de los Inútiles

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The tale of two parallel stories narrates the student movement in Chile. A teenager immersed in the political climate in his school and a former political prisoner of the Pinochet dictatorship find in the social and student's movement the sense to their own history. Darío (17) and Miguel Ángel (58) both join the “1800 hours for free education”- marathon, one of the most important expressions of the Chilean student movement in the past years. Together with the viewer they share their different experiences and points of view, connecting history with the current capital of Chile.

Cusicanqui Films (Catalina Donoso)
Directed by: 
Edison Cajas
52' / 80'
Spanish (English subtitles)
_Best International Feature Documentary. American Documentary Film Festival 2014. Palm Springs. EE. UU.
_Best Documentary 18° Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur (FAM 2014), Brasil.
_Biografilm Festival 2014. Italy. Best of Fest.
_Special Award of the Jury, Valdivia International Film Festival.
_Best Film in Progress, Doc Buenos Aires. Argentina.
_Best Film in Progress, FIDOCS 2013. Santiago de Chile.
_Sica Award, Cine de Mar del Plata International Festival. Argentina.
_FEISAL Special Mention of the Jury, Cine de Mar del Plata International Festival. Argentina.
_Festival del Film Locarno. Switzerland.
_Istanbul International Film Festival. Turkey.
_Rencontres du Cinema Sud-Américain de Marseille. France.