Ancestral Secrets (Ep 3: Mesoamerica)

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Central America is one of the most prominent places for indigenous medicine in the entire world. This region was called Mesoamerica, due to its vast cultural development. Like the Mayan and Zapotec societies. Until the Spanish Conquest took place. And many of their traditions were buried. Up to now. Tata Pablo, Mayan spiritual guide, together with his community will perform the Waqxakib ‘B’at, fulfilling the Mayan prophecy: the beginning of the cycle of opening our eyes and showing the worlds their secrets.

Carlos Águila Tellez is an apprentice shaman. He visits the coast of the State of Oaxaca in Mexico to perform the winter solstice rite. To do this, he travels to the mountains to meet the old Zapotec teachers, who harvest the “Los Niños Santos” mushroom every year. Famous throughout the world for being hallucinogenic, the Zapotecs protect them: they are sacred.  On the coast, under the effect of mushroom medicine, they will welcome the new sun.

La Ventana Cine
Directed by: 
Jota Loyola Crovetto
Chile / Colombia
6x52' or 12x26'
Spanish / (English Subtitles)