El Palmar de Troya. The Great Lie (Ep1 - Blessed are you)

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In 1968, four girls playing on the La Alcaparrosa estate claim to have seen the Virgin. News about the alleged apparition soon filled the front page of the papers and resulted in the appearance of seers, who claimed to have received divine messages. Particularly notable among these seers was Clemente Domínguez, a young man who worked as an accountant and claimed to hear the Virgin and Father Pio. A martyr has just been born. He will take advantage of this in 1978 to declare himself the true Pope. The era of Pope Clemente begins. May God have mercy…

Movistar+, 93METROS and 100Balas
Directed by: 
Israel del Santo
English Dub / English Subt. / Original Spanish