Saliega's Lineage, the Return of the Iberian Lynx

Saliega's Lineage, the Return of the Iberian Lynx (TRAILER)

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More than the tiger. Much more than the snow leopard. The Iberian lynx is the most endangered feline on the planet. At the beginning of this century, the lynx was on the brink of its final extinction. There were barely around 150 specimens left of this beautiful and unique animal who only lives in the Iberian Peninsula.
Then Saliega arrived. This female was the first to bring up a litter of Iberian lynxes in captivity. With Saliega an ambitious project was launched to recover the Iberian lynx population. Not only new litters of lynxes are born, there is also a reintroduction of young lynxes to their former habitat, the Mediterranean forest.

1080 Wildlife Productions
Directed by: 
Javier Ortega
English, Spanish