Plastic. A Collective Suicide?

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Scientists from all over the world warn us about the impact of plastics on our health. Every day, thousands of chemicals make their way into our food. Most of them have never been tested for consumption. They disrupt our hormones, modify how our body functions, and are the root cause of many cancers. Nevertheless, this insidious daily poison has been the Eldorado of the petrochemical industry.

Since the early 1950s, the production of synthetic plastics has been exponential. From the dream of a miraculous material to an environmental issue that seems to spiral out of control. From the looming environmental disaster, to the question of recycling: plastic has become one of the major challenges of our modern society.

Is the human race sleepwalking towards a precipice, a collective suicide, or is there hope for a better future with plastic?

Bord Cadre Films
Directed by: 
Peter Charaf
English, French